264 : 365 Fiveteen

Yesterday, he counted to one hundred for the first time. (That I heard.)

We were at the Children’s Museum eating lunch.

My favorite number on the way to one hundred, “Fiveteen.”

A close second? Five-ty.

I don’t correct him. He’ll learn soon enough. I love the sound of the words he creates. 

He’s sitting with me right now and is up to 198.  

Today’s photo count: 66


2 thoughts to “264 : 365 Fiveteen”

  1. You are on the right road by not correcting him. It does pass quickly. One of Greer’s favorite foods was "beams." Now they are "beans," though she loves them still. She even enjoys hearing (with a certain amount of disbelief), that she ever called them "beams."

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