Portrait Project : Week 2

This is my second week of portraits of the kids. 

A few things have surprised me about doing this.

1. It gives me permission to do what I like most.  I didn’t know I wasn’t giving myself that permission already.

2. I have to remember to get a photo of each of them.  I’m around the two youngest kids all the time since they’re not in school.  I get more photos of them doing daily things.  I have had to ask my oldest to stop for a photo this week and last.  She was happy to.  


4 thoughts to “Portrait Project : Week 2”

  1. Children! The joy of getting really dirty and then squeaky cleaned up. I used to say to my kids after a bath, "There is nothing I like better than an all clean baby," and then hug and kiss them all over <3

  2. I think by taking the time to capture your images, it not only creates photographic memories, it also reminds you to pause and look around. I love how pictures manage to do that. They are so much more than something for the eyes, they are little pieces of a novel that remind you to find peace in your daily life. We can so easily forget how important it is to stop and smell the roses, pictures especially like the ones you’ve captured, remind us of what’s important 🙂

    Lovely blog!

    1. Yes, Amy! That’s exactly what it does for me – brings me into the beauty of the present.

      Thanks for your visit and comments.

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