Beginning Again


 Last week, I was talking to Danielle Hatcher for this week’s episode of TWiP Family. We talked about how hard it is to get into photos with our kids. The photo I’d been thinking about was one of my boy’s face when he feels the new baby kick. In this photo he’s waiting for feel something. It’s not the photo I set up the tripod for and I’m glad I stopped thinking about taking a photo and took one. (I’ll still chase the photo of him looking surprised when he gets a good kick.)

Danielle suggested making list of photos your thinking about when doing a 365 Project – daily photos for year – to keep from getting bored. I’m nearing the end of this year’s project and still had a long list of photos I would still like to make. For me more important than making the photos is thinking about what is happening at this time in our lives that I love and want to remember.

Like most people, my days go by quickly unless I’m waiting for my car to be serviced. It’s easy to feel like today was just like yesterday – filled with laundry, food, complaints, fights. (Laughs and hugs too.)


Do you have a list of photos in your mind that are waiting to be taken. Something your kid does that they won’t be doing in a few weeks or months? Something you’d rather they never do again? Can you find a pen and paper? Write it down.

I’d love to hear know what photos you’re chasing. Tell me in the comments.

Listen to the podcast with Danielle.

Check out my 365 Project and projects of other listeners at TWiP Family 365 Project 2016.

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