The Family Photographer 1: Starting a 365

Welcome to the first episode of The Family Photographer.

paulineOn this episode, I’m sharing my conversation with Pauline. A year ago I got an email from Pauline. She wrote, “You mentioned in the latest podcast that you’re considering doing a 365 again, and that it’s “easier” when you can do it together with other people. I thought right away, but wait! There’s certainly a whole community of TWIP Family listeners who would join you. I bet if you asked there would be a bunch of grateful listeners who would gladly jump on the 365 wagon to share support and feedback.

I know that for me, it could be just the kind of thing to get me to do a 365. Finally.”

She was right. A community of TWiP Family listeners did join me and it’s been a great year of photos and conversation. 

Pauline started as soon as she decided to do a project and just finished her project. On the show, she talks about how making and posting photos daily has changed her photography.

You can hear more from Pauline on her photography podcast, 10,000 Crappy Photos.

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