The Family Photographer 4: Kate Densmore – Stories of Home

On today’s show I’m sharing my conversation with Kate Densmore. Kate’s book, Stories of Home, was recently released on Craft and Vision. Kate’s book beautifully combines technical instruction with questions about why and how we make our work.

Kate is a mother of two who lives with her husband and kids at Grand Canyon National Park. We have a great discussion about composition. We talk about clutter vs. context, when a photograph is a so-so moment in great light, and which lines to pay attention to in your composition. We also talk about taking time to discover your “why” – why do you make the photos you do of your family and why it will make your work stronger to give it some thought.

Kate’s book is fabulous. Kate’s giving away a copy of her book. For a chance to win, leave a comment and a photo you’ve made that shows a composition you are happy with. A winner will be chosen December 20th.

For 30% off her book, go to Craft and Vision and use the coupon code FAMILYPHOTO30.

Next week, I’m sharing my conversation with Steve Simon, The Passionate Photographer.

8 thoughts to “The Family Photographer 4: Kate Densmore – Stories of Home”

  1. I would love to win this book! I like this photo because the dad’s arm acts as a leading line to the baby. And the extra little heads at the bottom of the frame show you the context of a big family full of little people. 🙂

  2. Wonderful episode. I got so much out of listening to Kate and Jenny’s chat. The books sounds great and I would love to win a copy. It would make for great reading over the Christmas holidays. Here is a picture of a composition that I’m happy with. Do I have to say why? I’m often not quite sure but I think it’s something about how the shadow tells part of the story and how the sprinkler divides the frame. Critiquing pictures isn’t my forte. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed so much getting to hear you ladies share what about photography matters so much to you! Thank you for your generosity in teaching others!

  4. I love the show. I am the Family Photographer. Here is one of my favorite pictures from our trip to Boston. We were coming back from a cruise around the harbor, I happened to look over and he was staring out into the harbor and the flag from the back of the boat caught my eye. Any cc is welcome.

  5. Another great episode, thanks for sharing your conversation. And many thanks to Kate for the generous discount – I just ordered the book and can’t wait to get into it.

  6. I really enjoyed your conversation, ladies! Thank you!
    I would love to win a copy of Kate’s book…thank you for the opportunity.
    In this photo, I had asked the kids to wash the strawberries and they ended up eating the whole carton! Haha

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