The Family Photographer 3: Spencer Lum on Looking for the Unexpected

screenshot-2016-11-28-19-39-57On this episode, I share my conversation with Spencer Lum. Spencer is a father of two, a Brooklyn based wedding photographer at 5 West Studios, the author of the award winning and fascinating photography blog Ground Glass, as well as a speaker and educator.

I talk with Spencer about the in between moments he looks for when photographing for both his clients and his own family. We explore the question: What is a snapshot? Spencer talks about why he loves a mysterious, unpretentious snapshot. I ask him when it’s a good idea to copy other photographer’s work, and we talk about why asking a photographer what lens they use isn’t the best question to ask.

Spencer also tells us about the challenging and strange projects he makes for himself by giving himself many limitations and what he has learned from the projects.

You can see Spencer’s projects on Instagram, 5 West Studios, Ground Glass

After the interview, I asked Spencer what the best and worst money he’s spent on photography. I also asked him something he’s learned in his years as a father. To hear his answers, sign up for email updates. His answers are included with this episode’s email.

I love photography projects. I’m in my last month of a daily project, a 365 Project. I’ve been joined by a fun, friendly and talented group of photographers. You can join us and see everyone’s projects in our Flickr Group.

Next week, I’m sharing my conversation with Kate Densmore. She recently released the e-book Stories of Home at Craft and Vision.

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4 thoughts to “The Family Photographer 3: Spencer Lum on Looking for the Unexpected”

  1. I’m still behind since the move, but I recently finished this podcast and wanted to tell you that it’s the best one yet! The in between moments and unexpected moments are my favorites. I’ve also had numerous photo-fails recently, so I was happy to hear that it’s not just me. 🙂 Keep up the great work!

    hobby photographer to my own family and an assortment of friends

  2. I absolutely loved this interview- thank you Jenny and Spencer. Lately I’ve been thinking so much about how to separate myself and find my “photographic purpose” and Spencer mentioned some ideas I had never heard before.

    1. Hi Andrea,

      I loved talking to Spencer for the same reason – he has a unique way of seeing and thinking about photography.

      Glad you’re listening,


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